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Why Love Ava Soy Candles & Diffusers?

LOVE AVA CANDLES are a premium collection of handcrafted soy candles and diffusers made in Sydney, Australia. 

LOVE AVA CANDLES are not only about the beautiful aroma's they provide in your home, we also consider our soy candles to be a luxurious part of your home decor. We have chosen to use classic clear glass so you can fully enjoy the natural colour of the flame to its full potential, especially in the evening. With a stunning rose gold lid that finishes it off just nicely when not in use. 

When you receive your soy candle or diffuser for the first time you will immediately understand that we are about, SIMPLICITY & PASSION. The detail that has gone into the overall look of your candle has been a priority from the beginning and something we are very proud of. We hope you get that same sense of pride when you take yours out of the box for the first time. 

Beautiful scents are extremely important to us too & it takes time, passion & a lot of dedication to get the scent just right.

Handcrafted and made with only premium natural soy wax that is free from any nasties & harmful ingredients which make our soy candles vegan friendly and safe for the entire family.   

The name LOVE AVA CANDLES comes from my amazing daughter Ava - I first started making candles over five and a half years ago while I was pregnant with her and it only seemed fitting that our candles were named after her. 

So in a nutshell, LOVE AVA CANDLES are:

Made of natural premium soy wax

Vegan friendly 


Made in Sydney, Australia 

Free from nastie ingredients